Bernstock Speirs' 'Bunny Love'

Thelma Spiers watches over a customer. 

Thelma Spiers watches over a customer. 

A 'Cousin It' schoolgirl wanders an East London street, while bad girls lounging on an oddly familiar corner pelt her with peanuts. Then, one day, she walks into a pretty hat shop - with an oddly familiar shopkeeper - and receives a mysterious parcel that will change her life ...

This is the beginning of 'Bunny Love', a short film produced by Bernstock Speirs and directed by London-based fashion photographer Romain Sellier to celebrate their new look website.

Fans will nod knowingly at the title, a reference to the milliners' iconic 'bunny ears' hats, which pretty much sum up the MO of the brand. Since Paul Bernstock and Thelma Speirs sprang their label on the world in 1982, they've been winning fans - including Karl Lagerfeld and Victoria Beckham - with wit, humour, craftmanship and the understanding that hats are not just there to keep your head warm, they're there to have fun with.

The millinery duo have been working and living on the 'quiet end' of Brick Lane since their hat store opened there in 2004; regular visitors will recognise the backdrops in the film. They'll also recognise Thelma, mercurial but kindly, behind the counter. What they may not know however is that she also plays the ukelele on the soundtrack. Acting, music, hats: is there no end to the talent?