Jewellery from the 'anti-jeweller'? Moxham


  Kline necklace, £160, Moxham.

It was only a matter of time between Whistles and Moxham Jewellery came together. Both brands embrace a minimalist chic so the collaboration, out last month and looking fine, makes perfect sense.

The Whistles collection contains all the Moxham trademarks at lower than usual Moxham prices: graphic leather and laser-cut necklaces, cuffs, leather clips and crown-like headbands are all guaranteed to lend an edge to the fashion brand’s chunky knits and jersey dresses.

But the collection always draws attention to Moxham itself and its bold, unusual pieces that defy category. In fact, founder Madeleine Moxham would be the first to describe herself as an ‘anti-jeweller’.

This might sound harsh but it’s a reflection of the way Madeline sees her work: as accessories, like belts, rather than necklaces or bracelets. And certainly, they’re a lot gutsier than the run-of-the-mill spangly bits.

Influenced by geometry and made from utilitarian materials, each piece is crafted by Moxham’s small team in her South London studio. Pieces are riffs on themes. Articulated ‘petals’ appear across the Lena cuff and the Verity and Rivera crowns, for example. Chunkier pieces such as the clever Otto cuff and Marlowe necklace simultaneously recall industrial pasts and mechanical futures.

It’s no an accident the jewellery works best to accent lean silhouettes; that’s pretty much how Madeline herself dresses. Go to Whistles for a match made in heaven - or visit Moxham’s own site for a gift to yourself ...

Black oni choker, £160, Rivera necklace, £350, Moxham. Kline necklace, £160, Moxham.

Cuffs from £118, Moxham.

Xeno cuff, £68, Moxham.


Xeno cuff, £75, Moxham.