Rêve en vert meets The North Circular


  Lifestyle shot

It's a match match in heaven: sustainable fashion and lifestyle etailer Rêve en Vert - changing the way we see green living - and Lily Cole's luxury knitwear label The North Circular team up to create a new ‘juniper grey’ beanie hat.

The North Circular, set up with mate Katherine Poulton, is one of Cole's earliest incarnations as ethical activist. Everything is made from local wool sheared from a mixture of British Wensleydale and rescued sheep. The yarn is spun and dyed locally. Each hat is hand-knit by “grannies, girls and a few strong men” from parts of the UK such as Devon and East Sussex. The production cycle takes place on a short 120-mile ‘north circular’ route through each stage of fabrication:  scourer, spinner, dyer and finally the knitter.

The beanie, inspired by the British countryside, incorporates The North Circular's signature aesthetic with creative direction from rêve en vert. 'We were drawn to the North Circular by the story behind its production, and are excited to have now worked closely with Katherine to design the rêve en vert beanie,' says Cora Hilts, Rêve en Vert’s co-owner.

'The simple done well is a thing to delight in,' adds Katharine. 'This hand knitted hat marries the old and then new for the ultimate in functional fashion.'

The beanie costs £75, from www.revenvert.com