LCF MA16 Menswear: the designers


Grant James Povey.

London College of Fashion hosted its annual MA Menswear catwalk show at Banking Hall in the City earlier this morning.

The show, part of LCF’s MA16 graduate season, featured collections from ten graduates from the MA Fashion Design Technology Menswear course. The show was styled by Anders Sølvsten Thomsen who worked closely with the students, helping them shape their collections.

The ten designers, profiled below, hail from across the globe, reflecting LCF’s position as a leading global centre for fashion education.

'Our second annual MA Menswear show marks our continued commitment to nurturing and encouraging creative and provocative menswear design in the UK,' says Professor Corner. 'The show is a great platform to showcase our talented, diverse and innovative graduates who will no doubt go on to be future industry drivers.'

Images styled by Anders Sølvsten Thomsen. Photography Felix Cooper.

Grant-James Povey (above): ‘I explored the appropriation of volume within a historical context - looking at how volume worked within historical costume and bringing it through to the modern day.’


Pakholee: ‘My collection is my definition of minimal fashion, I eliminated parts of the jackets or garments that weren’t necessary for it to be worn and created a minimalistic collection with no unnecessary stitches, pockets etc.'

Victor Pao.

Victor Pao: ‘My collection is based on my fascination with the extraordinary transformations of birds of paradise and inspired by the three states of mind: conscious, unconscious and subconscious.’

Alexis Housden.

Alexis Housden: ‘It all began after a monumental break up which happened around the same time as me starting my MA. I started to look at veils in the way they are used in the west, so, for mourning and weddings.’

LCF MA 16 ZiqingZhou.

Ziqing Zhou: ‘My aim was to create an abnormal garment to represent the ‘new-normal’ in the fashion world.’

Haili Jin.

Haili Jin: ‘Most fashion designers design garments to fit the body and follow the line of the body. I want to make air and space between fabric and body.’

LCF MA16 Bethany Williams.

Bethany Williams: ‘My muse is Jacques Rancière. He is a philosopher who talks about political change through art and I find that really interesting.’

LCF MA16 Xiaozhou Su

Xiao Zhou Su: ‘The main idea of this project is to create a vision of  a"new man" through the garments, primarily as a result of the application of a unique pattern that cuts and joins two colour panels on one outfit.’

LCF MA16 Jeuken Cho

Jekeun Cho: ‘I was inspired by the suicide of Robin Williams and how internally he was very depressed but externally he was a very happy person.’

LCF MA16 Peng Chen.

Peng Chen: ‘My garments are one size. They fit smaller thin men and larger men, too. My methodology focused on pattern cutting on both size of men.’