3 of the best winter collabs


Christmas is coming: Sibling X Brora #siblingxbrora 1. Sibling, one of the most iconoclastic labels on the London scene, and classic cashmere label Brora team up this season for a smashing collection of colour and pattern, straight from Sibling's archives. Sumptuous textures are matched to Sibling’s signature leopard prints, stars and stripes, exuberantly carried from jumpers and cardigans, to knitted accessories. Highlights include a soft neon leopard jumper, £475, with matching scarf, £245, that Sibling fans will already know well. From October 26th. www.brora.co.cuk

Grenson pays homage to Peanuts' gentle satiricism by teaming up with TSPTR.

2. Grenson reflects 1960s Preppy style with a Peanuts collab. Within the mildly absurdist musings of a bunch of round-headed kids and a dog called Snoopy lay deft social musings; Peanuts, developed by Charles Schulz, both subverted and celebrated modern US life. Grenson - handmade British shoes since 1866 - pays homage to its gentle satiricism by teaming up with TSPTR, purveyors of countercultural vintage imagery, to create two classic American collegiate styles for men and women. A ‘Penny’ Loafer and a ‘Derby’ Saddle Derby feature Charlie Brown, Snoopy or Lucy embossed into the leather soles and upper detailing. Delish. www.grenson.com


3. Levi’s premium line Made & Crafted teams up with Off-White. It’s a clever move: Off-White is so hot, it’s cooking. This collection - 11 silhouettes, half-unisex - fuses founder Virgil Abloh's cool intellectualism with Levi's long heritage. Abloh has spliced classic jeans and  jackets, mixing vintage and modern, to create 11 styles, half of them unisex jean fits inspired by classic 501s. An oversized, sherpa-lined trucker jacket, and another topper pieced together in two washes of denim complete the collection. ‘The decision to work with Virgil came pretty naturally,’ says Jonathan Cheung, Levi’s Head of Design. ‘Made & Crafted is a natural fit to Virgil’s intellectual streetwear philosophy. It’s this mash-up of the familiar, with a jarring modernity, that gives this project with Off-White its energy.’ And as Virgil told highsnobiety: 'The term ‘streetwear’ for me is a genre of art and design that revolves around principles of irony, DIY and pop-culture. Levi’s is a perfect premise to play with all those concepts.' From $650 and up. www.off--white.com