5 fragrances for the beach

SS17 swimwear campaign by Zimmermann. Sun, sea and sand can be the perfect base for a beautiful fragrance. I asked Avery Perfume Gallery to recommend five sensuous scents from key niche parfumeurs that would be perfect for the beach.

MARINIS by Santa Eulalia: The sea and its fragrances, the water that caresses the skin, an immediate sensation of peace and serenity: this is the perfume of the Mediterranean that hugs the long, sunny seafront of the only big city in Europe that lives by the beach. With accords of seawater, pink grape, mint, patchouli, bay leaf, cedar and lemon for a light citrus finish.


FLORALUST by Agonist: An olfactory journey through the scents of nature, dominated by rose. Pink petter, bergamot and freesia make the scent as ethereal as a summer breeze, with a bite of cardamon and musk at the end that pulls you into an elegant floral vortex; overt femininity with freedom of expression.

FLORALUST by Agonist, £115/50 ml, www.averyperfumegallery.co.uk

TAN D’EPICES by Andree Putman: A fragrance that plays with spices recalling travel to the Eastern world using heliotrope and cinnamon, incense and gingerbread, cedarwood and benzoin resin. A combination of “tan”, referring to the rich hues of the skin after sunbathing, and “epices”, the oriental spices to create a scent that is sensual and deep while at the same time.

TAN D’EPICES by Andree Putman, £60/30ml, www.averyperfumegallery.co.uk

ROSE REBELLE RESPAWN by A Lab On Fire. Perfumer: Sophia Grojsman Ivy and mint leaves are underpinned by a carnation and rose heart and a base of musk, incense and rich cacao. Sophia Grojsman’s iconic fragrance returns, its feminitiy and daring irrespressible. www.averyperfumegallery.co.uk

ROSE REBELLE RESPAWN by A Lab On Fire, £90/60ml, www.averyperfumegallery.co.uk

V AS IN VIGOUROUS by Avery Perfume Gallery Collection: Capable of invigorating thanks to green and vibrant notes such as blackcurrant, peach and grapefrust to which are added the energy of heliotrope, jasmine and coriander enriched by a powerful base of patchouli, cedar wood and benzoin from Siam.

 V AS IN VIGOUROUS by Avery Perfume Gallery Collection, www.averyperfumegallery.co.uk