Not Coachella: 5 icons of British festival style


Models walk at Coachella 2015 Watching Victoria Secret’s models stalk the flat green lawns and unerringly bright weather of Coachella (normally in groups because, hey, they're hanging with their posses) is like watching dogs in Crufts: impressive, intricately rehearsed, a bit boring. If you want to prove your metal in festival dressing, Glastonbury is the ultimate. Even with full access to VIP toilets and a winnebago, you need some style nouse to stay smart. Here are my 5 Glasto icons.

  1. KATE MOSS at Glastonbury, 2005.

Kate Moss at Glastonbury 2005.

From the moment she stepped out in her Hunters, Kate Moss simultaneously revived the traditional British footwear brand and set the standard for festival dressing. Who wouldn’t want to look so goddammed feral? Of her iconic Glasto outfits, this one from 2005 was Moss at her sexiest and most iconic: black waistcoat, tweed shorts, muddy wellies and an expression so fierce she looks as though she’s going to war. Whatever is in that plastic cup, it isn't milk.

Short waistcoat, £14.99, H&M.

Small 'Emmanuelle' bucket bag, £1,250, Saint Laurent.

Women's original tour neoprene wellington boots, was £120, now £60, Hunter.

2. ALEXA CHUNG at Glastonbury, 2015

Alexa Chung at Glastonbury 2015.

Another girl who looks like she could actually survive the storm .... While the prettiest Alexa Chung look at Glastonbury was last year's silver mini dress, here's an example of flawless festival dressing, melding boho references (double denim, carelessly knotted scarf) with classically practical pieces (the boots, the Barbour). Alexa is mistress of festival tailoring and layering (ie. coat over jacket over rock t-shirt). Ace.

Ladies' Classic Beadnell Jacket, was £194.95, NOW £165.71, Barbour.

Black Feathers Super Skinny Scarf, £85, Rockins.


3. POPPY DELEVINGNE at Glastonbury, 2013


They’re sisters but Poppy Delevingne always feels richer than Cara. Here she is, looking very lovely in 2013, with biker jacket, a headband of black roses and some ethnic detailing. It’s all self-consciously hip - and she'd crack at first sight of some of the loos I've seen at Glasto - but the boots made several airings that summer and I do love re-use. The all-black ensembles she wore last year were also very lush.

Vredefort tortoiseshell mirrored sunglasses, £150, Taylor Morris Eyewear.

Ivy Skinny Jeans, £150, IDA.

Embroidered Pouch with Tassels, £22, Star Mela.

4. FLORENCE WELCH at Glastonbury, 2015


Practicality be damned. Florence Welch’s commitment to colour and print, texture, pattern and vintage styling in physically challenging circumstances deserves applause. High necked blouses, fringed shawls, silver lame trousers, afghan coats, milk white leotards and tons of jewellery: the woman has chutzpah.



Pink Parrots silk poncho, £475, Silken Favours.


Crocodile-Embossed Leather Trousers £1,875, Loewe.

India Rose Cut Aquamarine Ring, £500, Alexis Dove.

5. LAURA WHITMORE at Glastonbury, 2015


Pretty Irish presenter Laura Whitmore has proved adept at adopting all the codes - slinky mini dresses, denim cut offs, army jackets, ankle boots and accessories - without turning into a cliche. Army jackets work well at festivals and, paired here with a rock t-shirt, denim cut offs and long brown knee high boots, are just the thing.


The Gonz Is God, £20, Black Score.

Rocio stud boot, £489, Penelope Chilvers.