NJAL relaunches website

NJAL-Weblaunch-Campaign-001-Tagline Not Just a Label (NJAL to its fans) has long been one of my favourite websites. Founded by Stefan Siegel, it is at once an introduction to over 15,000 emerging designers from across the world - and an etailer for this phenomenal talent. Click onto www.notjustalabel.com and you can browse and buy from a simultaneously enormous and carefully curated selection (how do they do that??) of unique pieces. It's the trendsetter's wet dream.

It's also a designer's launchpad. Creatives are given space for their CV, their own words about their work and imagery to describe their collections. It's no surprise that some of fashion's best names including Parisian fashion designer Damir Doma, Mary Katrantzou, and haute couture designer Rad Hourani, have launched careers here.

But - and this is big 'but' for an initiative that exists mainly online - Stefan will forgive me if I admit that my love for the site has always been despite, rather than because of, NJAL's dense layout. But now, that last gripe has been swept away: Not Just A Label® relaunches its website and boy, is it good.


Key is a new clarity and ease of use. The images were already stunning; now, we know exactly what they're referring to. And the online shopping experience has been further enhanced, making the discovery of Farfetch's extraordinary up-and-coming fashion talent more fluid than ever before.

The improved NJAL will prove a dangerous place for bank accounts: nearly 100 items will be added to the site every week, meaning that regular visitors are on a constant journey of discovery. And just look at the stock. Search now for Lara Khoury's yellow tutu skirt, Macabre Gadgets' white Upyr ring, Tesler+Mendelovitch's great ebony clutch, 22designstudio's concrete module ring. Buy something? Bet you did. And if you didn't, you will soon ...

There's a nice added filip - customers receive an individual message from each of the designers they purchase from - but, more than that, you'll know you're directly supporting future Katrantzous and Damir Domas with each purchase: NJAL designers receive 70% of all proceeds from their sales to help fund their careers.

Shopping is accompanied with exclusive interviews, new fashion films and discovery of ‘Black Sheep’ designers from around the world, enabling visitors to discover the most talented in fashion design. Rainy Sunday morning? While it away here.

'NOT JUST A LABEL gives a voice to new and emergent designers by presenting their collections to the world,' says Stefan. 'The refresh of the website is designed to make it easier for people to discover authentic designers who are true to their roots in fashion artistry and have a story to tell with each collection and design.'

'Through NJAL, customers can be in direct contact with the designer for a bespoke and tailored service, offering unique individual luxury fashion. By applying artisan craftsmanship, our designers are known to create products that have classic values with longer lasting qualities.'

https://www.notjustalabel.com/ 00_website_2