What's new: Clarks x V&A, Ultra Tee and Jacey Withers


It's almost ironic that Clarks are sponsors of the V&A's new exhibition Shoes: Pleasure and Pain, given that the historic shoe brand deals so little in the latter. Now, Clarks - with access to one of the biggest footwear collections in the world - creates a series of footwear inspired by different decades. First up, the 50s and the club culture of the 80s. Pictured: Stanhope ankle boot, £120. www.clarks.co.uk

Screen-Shot-2015-06-25-at-14.16.09Founded 2012 by designer Angie Sam, Ultra Tee specialises in 100 per cent sustainable t-shirts and sweatshirts decorated with really beguiling graphics: inspired by old books and Parisian gardens, delicate antique-style illustrated prints in soft pastels depict birds, fruit and flowers. We love this speckled t-shirt, €31. www.ultra-tee.com


Here's a name I don't see often enough: Jacey Withers. The young silversmith is responsible for gorgeously ethereal jewellery, turning symbols of nature - horses, foxes, owls, flowers and petals - into mythical objects. The most recent collection, Nautica, for example, plumbs the ocean's depths for inspiration, creating the texture of its creatures with hand painted leather, plated bronze, sterling silver and 22ct gold. The effects can be disturbing organic and also utterly remarkable. Pictured: Oceanica necklace, £750. www.jaceywithers.com