The Plastic Age by Pharrell Williams and G Star RAW


The world produces 288 million tons of plastic a year, and it doesn't biodegrade, instead ending up in landfills or the ocean. A collaboration between a mega star, a cult denim label, a global media brand and campaigning and technology organisations is aiming to do something about this. Last week, a private screening was held for a 20 minute documentary entitled The Plastic Age. Created by i-D, directed by Sting scion Jake Sumner and presented by Pharrell Williams, The Plastic Age looks at the problem of ocean plastic, and the solutions and the lengths scientists and activists are going to, to secure the oceans for future generations.

One of these is the work of environmental organisation Parley for the Oceans and material innovator Bionic Yarn, set up and owned by Pharrell himself. Parley works to protect the oceans by forging links between creative industries, brands, and environmentalists. Bionic has been the official partner of Parley for the Oceans since 2013 and is co-founder of “The Vortex Project”, which aims to create ocean-friendly production methods and materials.

Together, they have teamed up with G Star RAW to create RAW for the Oceans by G-Star, the world’s first denim made from plastic, gathered by Parley for the Oceans will continue to retrieve tonnes of bottles from the shores and transformed by Bionic Yarn. The film will be broadcast on from Wednesday, April 15th. I dare you not to be moved.

For more information, visit; and tweet using hashtags #plasticage #fortheoceans

Pharrell wears RAW for the Oceans

Pharrell wears RAW for the Oceans.

Tapered jeans by RAW for the Oceans

Statement sweat by RAW for the Oceans

Slim tailored jacket by RAW for the Oceans

Radar shortsuit by RAW for the Oceans

Occotis Long T-shirt by RAW for the Oceans