What's new: The Cult & Classic, Passarella Death Squad and Lost Property


T-shirt, £XX, Bella Freud. www.thecultandclassic.com Bored by the impersonality of mega etailers? The Cult & Classic combines a carefully curated offer with something more. Founder Beth Wallace scours labels new,  established and vintage for delectable 'hero' pieces. Brands include Rupert Sanderson, Eudon Choi and Bella Freud - but the site's really unique aspect is its personal shoppers, who offer home visits to assess wardrobe needs, bringing with them bespoke selections to re-create the boutique experience in the comfort of your own space. Choice. www.thecultandclassic.com

Top and skirt, £XX, XXX. www.cultandtheclassic.com

In a match made in heaven/hell, Passarella Death Squad teams up with Penthouse magazine to create a touring art exhibition, five t-shirts and a haunting soundtrack, all inspired by the David Cronenberg film ‘Videodrome'. They'll be shown in a travelling exhibition, first one in conjunction with the Unit 44 gallery and END. The t-shirts - beautiful but disturbing - are available at www.endclothing.co.uk. Listen to one of the tracks, by Danny Passerella and the techno artist Perc, here: https://soundcloud.com/passarella/fast-forward.

Nicole Aniston t-shirt, £35, Passarella Death Squad x Penthouse. www.endclothing.co.uk

Brett Rossi t-shirt, £35, Passarella Death Squad x Penthouse. www.endclothing.co.uk

Look who's opened down the road from me, in pretty Cross Street. Lost Property of London turns salvaged fabric and vegetable-tanned leather into lovely but super-practical accessories, all designed and made using traditional techniques and fine quality fittings, right here in London. Tip top sellers have been the Arlington Saddle and Rucksack, both examplars of the brand's minimalist aesthetic. www.lostpropertyoflondon.com

Small Arlington rucksack, £XX, Lost Property of London. www.lostpropertyoflondon.com

Arlington satchel, £XX, Lost Property of London. www.lostpropertyoflondon.com